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About Us


We have built a team that together has over 85 years of combined business and franchise experience. We bring to the table, not only a CFE, but a former Franchisor and a team of everything in between. We pride ourselves on our ethics, morals, and the ability to not say we are going to get the job done, BUT, GET THE JOB DONE! Our success is built on our clients satisfaction of feeling they received what they pay for plus.

It is because of this, we are also able to offer our services per diem, a la carte, long and short term, or even specialized services that you may not see listed. DO NOT hesitate to speak with us about any of our services and terms. We look forward to building a relationship where your documents, training, and support are something you and us together are proud to stand behind! We can provide support for your Franchise in the realms of Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Logistics, Graphic, Website, and Logo Design, Franchisee Selection, Site Selection, and FDD & OPS review, as among many other support roles. Our team will work to meet the specific needs of your business.


Our Mission is to provide the highest level of franchise operational consultant services, at a competitive price, and always exceed our client’s expectations. We work to build relationships and partnerships with our clients by providing first class service while maintaining the highest ethical standards in conducting business, and making it the TOTAL package.


Our network of franchise coaches have seen the good and the bad in the world of growing, stagnant, or declining franchises. Real world experience as franchisors and as franchisees drives our network of professionals to rise above the often questionable landscape of decision making. How do I grow, where do I go, and whom do I trust? Honesty is the foundation for what we want in all of our business relationships. Integrity is how we conduct our business. Trust is what we want to build with you! Our network of coaches here at TOTAL FRANCHISE OPS strives to build professional business relationships while producing results upon the foundation of our core values. We will continually expand and improve our network of coaches, industry strategic partners, and suppliers to greater meet your needs.


There are many ways for us to serve you!

  • Our Specialties

  • Include
  • Training/Coaching the Franchisor
  • Operations Manuals
  • Operation Revisions
  • Sales Training
  • Training Manuals
  • Customizing Your Development Package
  • Department Structure & Coaching
  • Formalized Training Program
  • Ongoing Industry Education
  • Access to Reputable Industry Partners
  • Franchise Recruitment
  • Franchise Sales Implementation
  • Territory Analysis & Mapping
  • Tradeshow Training & Representation
  • Branding & Marketing Coaching
  • QuickBooks & Accounting Training
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  • Partnership Offerings

  • Include
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Expansion Plan Forecast
  • Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Trademark Registration
  • Business Formation
  • State Registration & Education
  • Customized Public Relations
  • Website & Graphic Design
  • Tradeshow Start Up Package
  • Direct Sales Support
  • Read More
  • Industry Partners

  • Include
  • We work with local professionals
  • Based on your needs
  • Based on your budget
  • Based on your location
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  • You have a successful concept that you would like to expand and/or possibly franchise.
  • You want to start to franchise but don't know if you've properly structured your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • You're operating a multi-unit corporate system and would like to convert to Franchising.
  • You're currently franchising but don't have the support structure in place you know you need.
  • You need support with franchisee selection, site selection, project development, territory mapping, or logistical planning.
  • You need operations training, marketing strategies, sales, or business development.
  • You need a logo, website, or graphics created and/or improved.
  • You need help developing advertising.
  • You don't have an Operations Manual or need it updated.
  • You need to partner with the right players, but don’t know who they are.
  • You're not completely sure what you need but know that you need help.

Our foundations and goals are clear. We are here to help you build and support a franchise model that will attract entrepreneurs and franchise seekers around the country. We will be the bridge to the relationships you need and only support you in the areas you determine will be of a benefit. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with such amazing visionaries and know that our team will perform in order to maintain the privilege of working with you.

Industry Partners

We work with many local professionals well established in the Franchise Industry. Based on your needs, budget and location we will introduce you to these folks. They can consist of, but not limited to professionals such as: Franchise Attorneys, PR firms, CPA’s, Merchant Solutions (credit card services), Broker Groups, Point of Sale Companies, Web Portals, Professional Trainers, Other Franchisors, etc.

Buying a Franchise?

Consider us the matchmakers of buying the right franchise or business. Our team of experienced brokers are ready to work for you to match you with the right franchise business model. We are lucky enough to have several franchise brokers on our TOTAL Franchise OPS team. One of our executive team members actually owns a brokerage franchise with Murphy Business & Financial Corporation. As a team we have access to three total broker networks which provides us direct access to thousands of franchise business models. We also work with over 600 resale brokers who have access to over 10,000 resale businesses, both franchise and non-franchise.

Combined our team of brokers and extended industry broker partners have matched hundreds of business owners in the right business. After we get to know you, analyze what business models or specific industry that interest you, we will then match you with specific businesses and franchise business models for you to properly vet thru. Our team of franchise brokers are much more than your average broker. We are not happy until you are matched with the right business for you! We will support and advise you thru the entire process of buying a new franchise or business.

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