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Thinking of starting a franchise with your existing business? The first step is determining whether your business is franchisable and if franchising is the right strategy. Learn about franchising your business.

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We’ve developed consulting and development services to help established franchisors prosper. Whether it’s franchise sales, franchise marketing or management, our franchise audit will pinpoint areas needing improvement.

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About Total Franchise Ops

 We have built a team that together has over 85 years of combined business and franchise experience. We bring to the table, not only a CFE, but a former Franchisor and a team of everything in between. We pride ourselves on our ethics, morals, and the ability to not say we are going to get the job done, BUT, GET THE JOB DONE! Our success is built on our clients satisfaction of feeling they received what they pay for plus.

It is because of this, we are also able to offer our services per diem, a la carte, long and short term, or even specialized services that you may not see listed. DO NOT hesitate to speak with us about any of our services and terms. We look forward to building a relationship where your documents, training, and support are something you and us together are proud to stand behind! We can provide support for your Franchise in the realms of Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Logistics, Graphic, Website, and Logo Design, Franchisee Selection, Site Selection, and FDD & OPS review, as among many other support roles. Our team will work to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • Experienced Franchise Consultants.

    Individual consultants may have some good experience, but no sole practitioner can hope to match the breadth of experience offered by our team.

  • Individualized Approaches

    We provide customized strategies designed to maximize your unique strengths, to work within your available resources, to seize available opportunities, and to achieve your specific objectives

  • Strategic Focus

    We live with the results of our strategic recommendations every day. At Total Franchise Op, we go a step further.  We provide you with the tools you will need to succeed and then help you to implement those carefully crafted plans.

  • Client Selectivity

    We are dedicated to long-term relationships with increasingly successful clients.


We work with many local professionals well established in the Franchise Industry. Based on your needs, budget and location we will introduce you to these folks. They can consist of, but not limited to professionals such as: Franchise Attorneys, PR firms, CPA’s, Merchant Solutions (credit card services), Broker Groups, Point of Sale Companies, Web Portals, Professional Trainers, Other Franchisors, etc.

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